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Unforeseen challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a significant impact on people all across the world. As I go about my newly disrupted daily life, I’m seeing things happen around me and our behavior changed. My obvious observations include: 1) Companies react to fast changes, where employees work from home and communication turn into onine mode. 2) Businesses move to online platform quickly and consumer purchasing pattern change. 3) Elearning is the next big thing for school, university and the gig economy 4) Health care provider, groceries shopping, purchasing trends shift to 'virtual visits'. We would love to help you kick start EASY & SIMPLE e-learning to pass you the knowledge to build from zero to a monetization platform. If you are beginner, you can kick start your side hustle and do it even without quiting your job! If you are startup, you can save up tons of premium project costs, maintenance fees, consultating fees by managing your platform internally!

“Learning journey is a never ending process. Hope to see you in joining the discovery journey and benefited from the goodness”

ChaiChai, Co-Founder


Hi there! I’m ChaiChai. I’m a mother of two from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and founder of SideHustleEdu, an online learning website to inspire others to learn a skill and earn some money wihout quiting the job! 

I work with various background of brilliant & fun side hutlers to collaborate and bring you most creative, essential, survival skills.

For those who are interested to have a content creation and partnerships, do drop us a message.

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We are looking into niche market skill development.

There are bunches of practical life skills that are impacting us everyday, were not taught in school. I work with a team of brilliant & fun side hustlers to come up with the best quality content to share with you in areas of relationship, food, lifestyle, mindset, crafts, digital products, home, passive income, personal finance and many more niche market skill development.

Hope to see you soon!

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"You can do what i cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. together we can do great things" -MOTHER TERESA-

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